Emoji Stools

Emoji stools are ready to assemble stools made of Baltic birch plywood that do not require any fasteners or adhesives for construction, nor are any “foreign” parts, pieces or materials.



All parts and components are cut on the CNC machine from a single plywood sheet (30” x 60” x 0.5”)


Since I used plywood for this project, I wanted to design a furniture that is “Easy”: 

Easy to produce, Easy to assemble, and Easy to use.

Inspired by Emoticons, I tried to show a sense of play and humor.

How it works

exploded view

Angle of the eyes-hole for joints have slightly less angle than 90°. This creates a strong tension when assembled and holds those legs together.

Eyes are joints. When assembled, trapezoid part creates tension that strongly holds those legs.


Mouth Handle

It is designed for personal use and easy to carry.

Under structure

No glues or fasteners needed for joints.

© 2019 by Daniel Cha.

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