My Korea is a cabinet I made in response to issues involved with 2018 North Korean missile and nuclear tests.

The 2017–18 North Korean crisis was a period of heightened tension between North Korea and the rest of the world. North Korea conducted a series of missile and nuclear tests that demonstrated the country's ability to launch ballistic missiles beyond its immediate region. This threats, raised international tensions in the region and beyond. Countries including South Korea, United States, Japan, China and Russia reacted against North Korea. They blamed North Korea on the surface level. Yet, those countries actually tried to take advantage out of this issues while South Korean civilians suffered greatly in horror. For instances, President Donald Trump tried to use this crisis to increase amount of Defense Expenditure paid by South Korean government. Japan tried to change their constitutions to have military power while they are forbidden to have military force after the peace treaty signed after their defeat in World War II. China blamed North Korea but they did not cut the oil supply to North Korea which might have helped to resolve the issues. They were worried that they may loose their control over North Korea if they do so.

I was frustrated that while 50 million South Korean civilians suffered greatly worrying about the issues, there were not much actions taken to sooth the issue.

Here I made cabinet in an attempt to raise my voice. I made a cabinet based on Korean traditional cabinet yet I used acrylics to made a frame to indicate how those other countries try to 'see through' Korea. I juxtaposed clear acrylics frame with burnt wooden cabinet to highlight that those countries actually can't see what is happening within Korea. I used fishing wire to hang the wooden cabinet to acrylics frame trying to show how delicate and precarious South Korea was.


I made a secret component. In order to open the cabinet, one must use a ring. There are hidden magnets inside both ring and the cabinet and drawer doors. The shape of the ring is inspired from Dokkaebi, traditional Korean monster. It is finished with traditional Korean Lacquer, Ottchil.

When one opens the door and drawer, one can clearly see the warm innerside that contrast greatly with the burnt exterior. By doing so, I wanted to show the image of South Korea is different from what those other countries may have thought. A peaceful and beautiful my home country.

© 2019 by Daniel Cha.

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