Shoe Monster!

Shoe Monster is a delicately hand-crafted shoebox for my 9 years old boots, infamous for its unique aroma.


It’s a fun toy where a user can smell my shoes by turning the handle!


The handle turns gear mechanism that opens the mouth,


turns a fan blade against the user and plays a music box which plays “Let it be” by Beatles.

The music box is there to gently warn my user let my box be.


All the wooden pieces including the fan is carefully hand carved using hand tools.

I have used different types of left over wood scarps which includes: rose wood, European elm, poplar, hard maple, white oak, cherry and walnut.

Acrylics parts are made by laser cutter and gears are carefully engineered to match up the speed of a music box.

There are different types of finishes applied to distinguish inner side of the box and outer side of the box.

I used danish oil for the inside and soap finish for the outside.

Handle is also carefully hand carved out of Walnut and European Elm.

The upper walnut part of the handle is carefully turned with a wood lathe and the thickness is 0.25 inch.

© 2019 by Daniel Cha.

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