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Five Peaks

Sun, Moon and Five Peaks(일월오봉도) is a folding screen based on Korean traditional painting.



I incorporated new materials, acrylics, into conventional paintings to visualize my image of Seoul.   


Seoul is a very interesting city that embraces both tradition and innovation.

In one hand, one could see those beautiful traditional architecture.

On the other hand, it is a metropolitan of new technologies and innovation.

I wanted to demonstrate this uniqueness of my hometown.

I tried to incorporate the traditional painting that well highlights the landscape with neon colors to indicate the flamboyant cityscape.


Making Process

Rhino file with lines. Each lines are carefully hand drawn without having offset nor copy and paste. Although laser cut machine is going to do the job, I want my piece to have hand drawn quality. There are more than 20,000 lines drawn.

Laser cut

Puzzle & Assemble

I glued those pieces to 1/8" clear acrylics board.

Then I framed each of the panel with 3/4" acrylics that has a groove.

Finally, I used acrylics hinges to hold those panels together.

Thank You.

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